Review: Love from Paris by Alexandra Potter

Title: Love From Paris

Author: Alexandra Potter

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

Published: 2015

Source: Public library

Rating: 4/5 anythings




How far would you for love?

When new boyfriend stands her up at the airport, Ruby Miller dries her tears, jumps on the Eurostar and heads to Paris. She thinks she’s going there to visit an old friend and have a total break from romance. But the City of Love has other ideas.

A locked apartment where time has stood still, a bundle of long-lost love letters and a flirtatious French lawyer sweep Ruby into a mystery that spans three-quarters of a century. Who is the author of the letters? Why did the owner of the apartment close up the shutters and flee Paris before the war? And what secret was she hiding?

As the mystery deepens, Ruby turns love detective but it’s not long before the ghosts of the past throw her own love affair into jeopardy.



After reading countless murder mysteries and lackluster books, I decided to read a chick-lit just to freshen up my reading palette. So I went to my library and saw a mini-row full of chick-lit books which had very cute book covers.

Initially I wanted to give ‘Love from Paris’ just a 3 rating because to me it was just an enjoyable book, nothing too fancy or mind blowing. The plot was okay it was quite predictable. The characters were not bad none of them too nasty or otherwise.

I quite liked the obscenely handsome French lawyer character in this book because hello what woman/girl/person would not like an incredibly handsome man??? This is why chick-lit is my guilty pleasure, I can just swoop in and pretend that the main character is me and it is I who is in Paris being flirtatious with said French lawyer.

Now, as much as the book was enjoyable some aspects of the book did annoy me just a bit and it was that the main character is a complete klutz. I mean, yeah I expected it because that is the standard mold for chick-lit (at least for ones I have read so far) but still. Being a clumsy here and there is normal but for a 30-something woman to be a complete klutz is aggravating especially since the French lawyer and her boyfriend (who are both obscenely hot by the way) find this trait quite interesting and find her to be unique.

Another thing which annoyed me (not as much as the first point but still) was the fact that she doesn’t seem like a love detective in this book. Everything and I mean everything that she found out was by pure chance/fate, it was like she didn’t even have to do anything and everything was just given to her on a silver platter.  Like whaaaa????

But the thing that made me give it a 4 rating was that the book was funny. It made me laugh a few times and I needed it too considering ‘Ink and Bone’ was quite an emotional read. Plus!! I liked how the author incorporated an African American character in the book (not a main character per say but still an important one) because in my mind said character was white at first until of course I found out that it was not the case.

So all in all, ‘Love from Paris’ is great if you’re looking for a light and enjoyable read. Somewhere by the beach or at the balcony of your house drinking in hammock possibly and drinking a glass of cool lemonade perhaps?


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