I talked a bit about my crochet hobby in a previous post (I can’t remember which one though) so since I haven’t read enough books to warrant two book reviews this week I thought why not I talk about something that isn’t book related? Because let’s be serious the whole ‘Saturdays with Ezza’ isn’t working partly due to me being busy or just plain lazy.

I was practicing my brush lettering again last night (still haven’t improved as much as I wanted to) before I got tired of doing it then decided to crochet a small amigurumi last night while watching a video.

The pattern I chose was a unicorn! I didn’t take a picture of it though. At least not yet.

But when I was crocheting last night it reminded me of a few things.

  1. Crochet is seriously tiring especially for your fingers especially if the thing you crochet is small. I got a cramp in my pinky finger!! If the pattern is big then its your wrists that get tired.
  2. I forgot how much I really enjoy crocheting. Its very relaxing especially when I don’t feel like reading. Crocheting scarves are great because its the same pattern over and over and over again so you can just zone out in a way and let your fingers do the work. You don’t have to overthink it. I don’t crochet scarves as much because there is no use whatsoever. Miri is so blistering hot, using a crochet scarf is just suicidal.

Anyhoots, here are a few amigurumis that I crochet. It’s not all because I have a tendency to not take pictures. Why? I don’t know. Which is a shame actually because I crochet a HUGE giraffe once for a friend and it was beautiful but I don’t have a picture so its only in my memories.


If you ask me which amigurumi is my favorite, I would say the lion but they take so much time and energy to do. I have to attach each strand of yarn, ONE BY EXCRUCIATING ONE. But the end product is that my lion has FABULOUS hair! Absolutely fabulous!

Don’t let the picture deceive you the brown mane lion is about 25-30 cm tall… I think in my next post I am going to include my newbie crochet projects so a comparison can be made of how far I have come. 😀



  1. Thank you! I think I was asking about pics of your crocheting. These are absolutely fabulous – like you, I LOVE the lion, even before I appreciated just how much work goes into them:). Do you make them for pressies? The keyrings are adorable.

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