“Saturdays” with Ezza

Hello and Assalaamu ‘Alaikum! Yes, I do realize it is not exactly Saturday today but since I was unprepared for the usual Book Review Thursdays I thought why not I swap it out with my planned posts for Saturdays.

Saturdays posts are about other aspects of my life which may or may not include books. Okay, here we go.

I NEED to change my motto in life. Currently my motto is YOLO but for the past few weeks this motto has seriously put a dent in my finances. It’s not as bad as you think it is. It’s just a few uncontrolled spending here and there and before anybody thinks that I am irresponsible I might add that I had already paid the bills before the YOLO kicked in.

Okay, it all started when I wanted to cut my hair into a pixie cut. I hate long hair and I thought to myself why not? I am 23 years old and I can go cut my hair whenever I want and however style because: (1) It’s MY hair and (2) It’s MY money. So, I went. Got my money from the atm went to the mall to go to the saloon/barber/whatever only to find it closed (because it was still eid holiday apparently) and facing said problem I said huh… well okay then let’s just go to Popular (It’s a Malaysian bookstore branch).

Conscience: It’s okay you will JUST LOOK AROUND. You are NOT going to buy anything. You are going to save money this time for sure!

Ezza: You know what, you have been working extra hard this month Ezza. What with baking cakes and cookies for Raya/Eid. At work, stressing out, YOU DESERVE A GIFT!

Ezza 2: Yeah… yeah you’re right Ezza. I do deserve something. Just to reward myself for a job well done. Just one book wouldn’t hurt would it?

So then I went browsing for A BOOK. Even saw the new book covers for HP of which I internally cried for wanting it but didn’t have enough money for the whole set.

Then went to the half price section and saw Robert Gailbraith Career of Evil and thought hey!!! I should! Since if I buy the first book then the second one would be half price!

Went to the counter to pay and saw a flyer… If you put a deposit for HP and the Cursed Child you save RM 25 so I just asked. I didn’t expect the cashier to straight away sign me up and THEN THE YOLO CAME!

The YOLO: Why not eh Ezza? Just YOLO it out.. just imagine it your HP collection complete… alllll…. complete… You can die happy.

Ezza to the cashier: OKAY I WILL BUY IT!

Pays RM 50 for deposit and another RM 88 plus for the other two books because… BECAUSE! I made an error in judgement in the half price thing.

It turns out both books must have the stickers saying half price to get the discount. So in essence I splurged almost RM 200 JUST ON BOOKS. So much I tell you going in for just ONE BOOK.

The story has not finished my friends because yesterday I YOLO-ed again and bought not one BUT THREE waterbrush for my new hobby, brush lettering/calligraphy. RM 45 GONE!  Down the drain of YOLO-ness.

Even my bestfriend is worried because at first I told her (around 12 pm yesterday) I wasn’t going to buy the brushes till I had the basic strokes down pat… 4 HOURS LATER

Ezza: IT’S TOO LATE NYN! IT’S TOO LATE! I BOUGHT IT! It was so easy Nyn. Just one click and BAM! I bought it (bought the brushes online btw)

Nyn: Wow… it took you just 4 hours to change your mind and YOLO. Other people take days…

And so here I am.. out of money for food during my lunch break later.





  1. Oh my goodness! Just a tip that I use during my very hard up times – I don’t have ANY money in my purse and I won’t allow myself to impulse buy at all. If I want something, the RULE is I have to go home, look at my bank account FIRST and THEN ask myself if I need it. Mostly, the answer comes back no. Because shops beguile you into wanting to spend your money – so you need to be equally tricky to break their sneaky spells:). Take care!

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      1. I know:(. My mother used to say that a shop is ALLL about trying to part you from your cash in any way they can. And you need to find a way to fight back – if you look at it like that, maybe it will help. It certainly helped me to get on top of my impulse buying.

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      2. I think I should look at it that way. My problem is like ill not impulse buy for so long but when I do it would be a lot hahahah

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