Review: The Valkyrie Song by Craig Russell



Title: The Valkyrie Song

Author: Craig Russell

Publisher: Hutchinson Radius

Date Published: 1st August 2009

Source: Personal

Rating: 4/5 Anythings







Jan Fabel is a troubled man. His relationships with the women in his life are becoming increasingly complicated: his partner, Susanne, is looking for a deeper commitment. His daughter is considering joining the police and his ex-wife holds him responsible. If that werent enough, after a gap of ten years, a female serial killer – the Angel of St Pauli – again makes the headlines when an English pop star is found in Hamburg’s red-light district, dying of the most savage knife wounds. death of a Serbian gangster. And a long-forgotten project by East Germany’s Stasi conceived at the height of the Cold War, involving a highly-trained group of female assassins, known by the codename Valkyrie. Fabel’s hunt for the truth will bring him up against the most terrifyingly efficient professional killer. The ultimate avenging angel. Fabel soon realizes the real danger he faces in hunting the Valkyrie.

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Hello and Assalamualaikum! To be honest I have had this book ever since it was published but never read it. Why? I don’t know. 7 years later and here I am reviewing it (finally I might say).

Those 7 years on the shelf was A MISTAKE! A MISTAKE I TELL YOU! This book was a great read for many many reasons of which I shall list below.

  • It keeps me guessing as to who was the serial killer/murderer, who was the assassin and who was the crazy nut that kept terrorizing people.
  • I love the variety of strong female characters in this book and I am one who is a sucker for ’em. The female characters in this book are strong in a sense that they are all intelligent in where they know how to apply their strong suits to defeat the enemy.
  • Most of the main or key characters have some flaws in them which makes them an even more awesome character to read about. For example: (There are others but I thought I’d list down a few)
    • Anna Wolff: She is strong and fearless yet she has anger management issues
    • Jan Fabel: He is a gentleman but being a gentleman stands in his way in this book for him to properly analyze the female killer(s)
    • Margarethe Paulus: Smart, beautiful yet pyschologically unbalanced
  • I also liked how the POV changes throughout the book from the serial killer to the assassin to Jan Fabel and how it seems to be messy and unorganized at first but as you read through it all starts to fall into place and connect with each other

After reading this I realized that this is the 5th book in a series. LIKE WHAT?! No wonder the book never answered about this one subordinate that Jan had who had a mental breakdown. I was like waiting and waiting for it…

The only questions left in my mind after reading the book was that what happened to the other reject Valkyries? and what happened to Liane to make her hate men? Was she abused? Am I supposed to read other books in this series to get my answer?


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