Review: To The Devil – A Diva! by Paul Magrs

Title: To The Devil – A Diva!

Author: Paul Magrs

Publisher: Alison & Busby Limited

Pages: 349

Source: Personal


Goodreads Summary

Karla Sorensen used to be big in horror films. In the 60s and 70s no self-respecting low-budget bloodily schlocky shocker was complete without the Queen of the Vampires presiding over it. She was well qualified for it, after all . at the age of ten she sold her soul to the devil. Now, although spookily ageless, Karla is knocking on in years. Her residuals are drying up and she needs some cash, so she decides to return to the north of England, to Manchester, to appear in Menswear, Britain’s riskiest television soap opera. Not everyone’s happy about her return to the fame game, however. The current star of the late-night show is Lance Randall, the famously bisexual actor, and he is furious to hear that Karla is about to become his co-star. He hates her, he fears her, and he’s convinced that she’s coming to steal his very soul. Dark clouds are massing around Manchester; deep, dark, devilish secrets are about to be unleashed that will wreak havoc on all around.


My first impression of the book was that I honest-to-God thought it was going to be a chick-lit. Apparently after I went into part two of the book it was not so. It was so different from what I had initially thought it would be. SO.VERY.DIFFERENT.

The book as a whole confused me where I thought it would be a chick-lit where Karla (although older than the presumed hero) would be the love interest of Lance Randall. Yes the synopsis at the back said he was scared if her and whatnot but I just assumed it was a love-hate thing and in the end they would end up together. But as I read on I realized that Lance really did hate Karla with the intensity of a thousand suns and that Karla literally did sell her soul to the devil in return for super stardom.

Not only that the hero turned out to be gay that made me confused (Mind you the synopsis at the back of the book was quite different from the Goodreads summary), it was also the side characters which doesn’t seem to add much to the plot except to give the the main characters something to do which reminds me. I have no idea who the main character is in this book. Is it Colin? Grandson to Sally? Or Sally? An old frenemy of Karla? Or is it Lance Randall? Or Karla herself?

I feel this way because the narration keeps jumping around to all this ridiculous plots and sub-plots and characters that I end up questioning what is the purpose of this type of narration?

Also, in the book the author did not give answers to a few crucial things such as (spoiler alert) when Karla claimed to be Lance Randalls’ biological mother. The author did not bother to explain how this was so.

In conlusion, this book was really bizarre in terms of its narration, the characters which I felt was half-formed so you can’t really emphathize with any one characters and the plot itself which I felt did not have a purpose to either complete the whole story nor give answers or explanations for said story. Maybe if I read other works by Paul Magrs, I would understand his style more and in turn like this book more.

  • Plot: 2.5/5 (I really had no idea what was going on)
  • Characters:2.5/5 (They were okay but not relatable enough)
  • Writing: 3/5 (The writing was good had the plot not been so confusing)
  • Pacing: 2/5
  • Overall: 2.5/5


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