March book haul


Hello and Assalamualaikum everybody! Like my previous post (March wrap-up) this post is also very late in me writing it and actually posting it online. But who cares eh?

In March I bought a total of five books, it would have been more but alas dear ol’ me did not have enough money even this book haul was a minor blip in will power. Let me explain, it all started like this, I initially wanted to buy skincare with my remaining RM 100+ from Etude House as they’re having promotion on their sleeping masks (to this day I regret not buying it) butttttt there is a but here; butttttttttt it so happens Popular bookstore also was having a book fair. So I was all like you know why don’t we check out the book fair first before we go to Etude House, just to check what books they have on sale… That’s what we book lovers say but don’t actually mean… Saying oh I am just having a look I am NOT going to buy anything THIS TIME I HAVE A WILL POWER OF TITANIUM!!!

Yeah let’s just say that will power went straight to the 7th door of hell the moment my toe stepped onto the threshold of said book fair. I lost all sense and sanity my mind just went into a type of tunnel vision and all I could think of is HOLY MOTHER OF JESUS CHEEEEAAAAAPPPPPPPP BOOOOOOOKKKKSSSS!!! AYEYYEYEYEYEYEYEYYEYEEYEYYEYEYEYEEYEYYEYYEEEYEY!!!!

Still a part of me was like EZZAAA EZZAAA skin care girl skin care!!! Then I replied back to myself damn it woman! Who bloody needs skin care when there are cheap books???!!! F**k bad skin!! So yeah that is how I lost control of myself, I cannot imagine how I would react going to the Big Bad Wolf Sale. I think I would just be a she-hulk and just smash my way through the throngs of people shouting I AM SARAWAKIAN YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW LONG I WAITED FOR THIS SH*T!

Okay so we are good then with the back story of March book haul let’s get started with the books!

Introducing book number ONE!!!!

1.Drood by Dan Simmons

  • I bought this book because it was thick and CHEAP! It was well worth the money to buy a book that’s only RM 17 which has 771 pages. And I also thought because I had another book by Dan Simmons like why not? It is high time I get over my fear of reading real complex books with intense English.
  • So far from what I have read and the synopsis at the back this book is about Charles Dickens obsession with a man called Drood as told by his good friend, Wilkie Collins. Let me insert the excerpt here for you to read.  
    • Based on the historical details of Charles Dicken’s life and narrated by Wilkie Collins – Dicken’s friend, frequent collaborator, and Salieri-esque secret rival – Drood explores the still unsolved mysteries of the author’s last years and may provide the key to his final, unfinished work: The Mystery of Edwin Drood.
    • Did Dickens begin living a double life after the accident? Were his nightly forays into the worst slums of London and his deepening obsession with corpses, crypts, murder, opium dens, lime pits and a hidden London-beneath London mere research… or something much darker?
    • On June 9, 1856, while travelling by train to London with his secret mistress, fifty-three-year-old Charles Dickens—at the height of his powers and popularity, the most famous and successful novelist in the world – hurtled into a disaster that changed his life forever.
  • To be honest it is taking me forever to read this book, not that it is not good no no noooo… not at all its great. It is just the English used here it is so intense, like Dickensian English which I am horrible at understanding and there are so many new words I did not know existed neither knew their meaning which was good it would definitely broaden my vocabulary. For instance, I have never in my life heard the word sibilant and damn I lost the post-it notes I put in the book for new words with its meaning.
  • So far I am 80 pages deep and all I can say is that Charles Dickens seems like a pompous, arrogant, selfish prick to me especially after the whole fiasco with his wife and divorcing her whilst the narrator Wilkie Collins I am really questioning whether he is a reliable and even sane narrator because first he is a laudanum addict (he denies it but the signs are all there) and he seems to be hallucinating like helloooooo green skinned women in his house when he is supposedly alone??? Makes one wonder…


Now to book number TWO!

(it’s the book cover for the graphic novel btw)

2. Fevre Dream by George R. R. Martin

  • I am halfway through this one, so this book is about Captain Abner Marsh who has had his fair share of misfortune in the boating industry up until he meets mysterious and in my opinion damned sexy Joshua Anton York who gives him the opportunity of a lifetime where he would give Marsh the money needed to make the grandest steamship to sail the Mississippi river where the conditions seem pretty legit. Said conditions are that York would be appointed Captain too but Marsh will handle the day to day business and also income and that Marsh cannot under any circumstances question Yorks decision or his lifestyle but of course things start to go very awry very soon.
  • I can’t say much yet because I have to save it for the review but I will say this, this is a really good book and a very good read with awesome characters. So just you guys wait for my review which hopefully will be up by this month (cross your fingers).


Book number THREEEE!!!!!

3. Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly

  • I actually finished this one, YEAY! I bought this book because I like the cover and the excerpt at the back seemed so mysterious and intriguing so I thought why not? This book is about Andi Alpers who is struggling with the loss of her younger brother at the hands of a madman; the only reason she is still alive is because of her mother and music but when her grades are steadily slipping her father forces her to accompany him to Paris so he can keep a close watch on her so she could finish her thesis on time and graduate from high school. But whilst there Andi discovers a secret compartment in an ancient guitar case which holds a mysterious diary.
  • Because I already finished this one, the review is definitely going to be up this month. 😀

Book number FOUR!!

4. Mary Shelley and the curse of Frankenstein: The Monster by Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler

  • This book when I started reading it blew my EFFIN MIND AWAY. It blew my mind to smithereeeeennnsss!!! I have never read a book that inspired me intellectually and mentally not just emotionally. It gave me hope that damn straight I will live my life the way I want to f**k ya’ll!!! The reason this book gave me a sort of revelation or relevation quoting Thunderclap from ‘The Good Dinosaur’ is both because of how it was written but more importantly of who it was written about. The book depicts the life of not only Mary Shelley but both her infamous parents, Mary Wollstonecraft and William Godwin and the people who were present in her life. Her parents’ lifestyle and life is truly truly inspiring they fought for what they believed in, not only that it was how they fought for it that just inspired me. They wrote books, wrote pamphlets just pretty much wrote anything they could think of it didn’t matter whether it was contradictory or not. They wrote in what they believed in with such poetry and beauty that it didn’t matter.
  • At first when I bought the book I thought the cover was really cool and that it was going to be a sort-of behind the scenes in the creation of Frankenstein but instead it was so much more. I would say this book is the book that inspired to really take action in my aspiration and dream of becoming a legitimate writer and author of a book. Soon I tell you soon when the time comes I will write a book of my own.


And lastly book number FIVE!!

5.The Magus by John Fowles

  • Here again I was seduced by the thickness and the cheapness of it all whe in fact I have no idea whatsoever about this book except that the cover looks very nice. I have to admit something, there is another reason why I bought this book aside from it being thick and cheap (My god now it sounds like I am describing male prostitutes rather than books) is that from the synopsis at the back the book seemed like a book that smart people read… so I bought it thinking it is gonna make me smart


  • I mean the picture of the author alone is all intimidating like he is some smarty-pants (bless his soul)
  • So yes I have no idea what this book is about and I have not even started reading it but when I do I will keep you guys posted in my Goodreads account.


TA-DAAAAAA those are my five books in the March book haul! I have to say I did not but any books in April so there is no April book haul blog post.

OH! I saw in Popular a few days ago that the Shadowhunters series by Cassandra Clare was on sale and I was tempted to buy it when I received my pay but there was so many books in the series to buy that my wallet just could not handle the cost, maybe I will try to find it in the library. I wish I wasn’t blacklisted from Pustaka Library they have really nice new books, it was not my fault I accidently lost the book then refused to returned it knowing the HUGE amount of fine I had to pay although now after learning in Islam that if you do not pay your debt you cannot even smell the smell of heaven I guess I have to pay it.

Maybe I can pay it anonymously; I can pretend to ask as a third party and say that my real self died horrifically and thus it is up to me said anonymous third party to clear her (my) debt! Yes! I will do just this to avoid humiliation of paying the fine only after 8 years.

This is a lesson! Always return your library books and pay the fines!!!

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