March wrap-up


Hello and Assalamualaikum! This March wrap up post is a tad bit late considering we are now in the month of May but hey I didn’t expect to be so busy after being promoted to receptionist from tealady. So lets get started!

March now looking back was actually a good reading month (I thought it wasn’t at the time, I should’ve cherished the free time more), I read a total of FIVVVVVEE books! Said books are:

  1. Devils Bride by Stephanie Laurens (2/5 stars)
  • If you have read my old blog you would by now understand why I truly disliked this book but let me reiterate if you hadn’t. I didn’t like how it was very and I mean VERY repetitive with the whole he-wants-to-marry-but-she-doesn’t-but-secretly-she-does-too shenanigans, I totally understand this is Stephanie’s trademark plot but in this one maybe because it is the first Cynster novel it was overly done. Not only was it repetitive in that aspect it was also repetitive in the sex scenes, it was like every bloody effin page was about them either kissing or just plain getting it o. The sex scenes was just too much it took away the focus and quality which should have been given to the whole overall plot and another thing was that I figured out who was the antagonist so fast it killed the momentum of me reading it. See what I mean when I say took away the focus and quality from the overall plot? Ill link my old blog here so you can read my dissatisfaction, I wrote freakin 4-5 bloody pages of said dissatisfaction mind you. (
  • * note: I do understand that historical romance isn’t suppose to be some Pulitzer winning book but hey after reading Judith Mcnaught you start to set standards.


2. The promise in a kiss by Stephanie Laurens (3.5/5)

  • I can’t remember if I did a review on this one in my old blog but whatever. This book was by far the best Cynster novel I have read that is until I read the ending then I changed it to being the second best Cynster novel I have read. The first was Scandal’s Bride. First things first, I liked how the plot started where Sebastian and Helena met 7 years before the start of the actual plot and how he was way older than her and his maturity actually showed in his personality and character. For example, instead of overtly pursuing her he instead chose to court her covertly by ‘helping’ her find suitors which he knows are definitely not her type and by showing her that the best suitor is of course him and he took her time with getting her to bed with him unlike his son who is I would say sexually harassing Honoria. Even after they slept together he gave her space knowing that she is a virgin and that she might need some time alone acknowledging that even though she is mature she is still very young. For some reason in my mind Sebastian Cysnter is ala Tom Hiddleston, who I have a HUGE crush on. *swoons*

(I mean look at him… JUST.LOOK.AT.HIM)

  • Another thing I really liked was how Helena is very independent and didn’t like people controlling her which gave her a good reason not wanting to marry Sebastian because like hellooooo she left France to go to England to escape from a similar guy. I was pumped for this book because I really enjoyed it and when the inevitable drama scenario came of which Fabien, Helena’s guardian, (?, I can’t remember his name) was blackmailing Helena by keeping her little sister hostage (he wanted to make her his mistress) I was like HOT DAMN THIS IS GETTING GOOD!!! This Fabien character seems like a legit douche bag which is gooooooodddd…

  • I felt that way up until I read the supposed rescue mission part and I was so disappointed… Hmmm… Disappointed is an understatement, I was bloody heartbroken that the ending was just so SO SOOOOO BLEGH. I was like WHAT THE EFFIN F**K *throws fists into the air*. This was because I find out Fabien is actually decent guy he didn’t even intend to make Helena’s sister his mistress; it was all a ploy to get Helena to get his damn dagger back. At this time I was already flippin mutha-effin tables, like what the FRACKKEDADDY! By doing this (making Fabien a decent dude) it makes Helena seems like some whiny over-dramatic young woman which negates her being all independent and sassy and what-not. ANNNDDDDD AND!!!! By doing so it made the whole rescue mission a bloody JOKE! Like they went through all that trouble for nothing *rolls eyes indefinitely while snorting*.
  • So yeah it went from super good to super blegh by the end of the book which made me not want to read the rest of the Cynster novels for awhile due to the second disappointment so soon after the first. I needed a break it was tearing my soul apart, overdramatic but yes.

3. Sabriel by Garth Nix (4/5)

  • I read Lirael first from The Old Kingdom series actually back when I was in high school and only now have read Sabriel. I really liked it because I personally prefer strong female characters that knows what, how and maybe when to do it even when Sabriel has no idea what the hell she is doing she just tries it anyway. She is one touch chick. I liked the usage of the bells which is really cool how each bell has its own personality overall I have nothing but praise for this book from how the characters are written to the plot, everything was great except for this one tiny tiny issue which is more because of Garth Nixs’ writing style. Like the ending after Sabriel was brought into the ambulance and she kinda fades out of consciousness and the story ends. JUST. LIKE. THAT. I get lah it’s a cliffhanger thing or whatever which works but also leaves the reader (ME) annoyed like I want to know more about this bad-ass-butt-kicking-19-year-old.
  • Oh second thing I LOVVVEE about this book is that Sabriel is a 19 year old… NINETEEN!!! So it makes everything seem legit about how she is mature yet vulnerable at the same time, how she knows essentially what to do, her age is the perfect age to start going on death-defying adventures and live to tell the tale and be super awesome doing it.


4.Lirael by Garth Nix(3/5)

  • Ahhhh… Lirael. Huh. This book is just hmmm for me to review I literally hated the first half of the books even though I understood why Garth Nix wrote Liraels character that way. Lirael is the polar opposite of Sabriel with good reason too, she is born into the Clayr community (?) but is actually an Abhorsen-in-waiting which she doesn’t know it yet. So she spends a good portion of her life wanting to be what she can’t and living essentially as an outsider where she just doesn’t belong. That’s bad enough but also she lost her mother at a young age and does not know who the father is (turns out its quite a common practice among the Clayr to bring random men and have one night stands) so all that and the fact that she looks nothing like her Clayr cousins instills the feeling of that she just does not belong causing her to be a depressing person.
  • It was just so aggravating for me to read the first half where she second-guesses herself, depressed most of the time, doesn’t know what she should do in life (huh this is starting to sound like my life) and is a tad bit cowardly. I mean plot-wise making her this way was great because it gives more insight on how an Abhorsen doesn’t necessarily need to be like Sabriel who is essentially fearless and just YOLO all the way but still because my personal preference was that of young strong and independent young women her character portrayal took a good amount of will power to continue reading.
  • It does get better going into the second half of the book after she made the Disreputable Dog who is the push that she desperately needs in her life in terms of confidence. Because of the Disreputable Dog we can see her character slowly evolve from a depressing child to a smart, brave still slightly depressing and adventurous young woman. I liked how towards the end of the book even though she didn’t exactly want to be Abhorsen-in-waiting she knew that it was her birthright and she must do it because obviously there is no one else to replace Sabriel if not her. She took responsibility and although she untrained and inexperienced she gave it her best shot and it just highlighted the character development even more.

  • One thing which got on my nerve was the 19 year gap between Sabriel and Lirael like seriously Garth Nix really likes to do these whole decades of time gap in the plot. I get why he did it he didn’t want to spend too much time doing one character but still though stop with the time gaps man and the fourth/fifth (?) book in the series is going to be done 600 years before…


5. Abhorsen by Garth Nix (3.5/5)

  • This book is an immediate continuation from Lirael and here we see all the characters in one book in a combined effort to defeat Orannis, The Destroyer. Again the thing that made me not give 4/5 stars is because of Prince Sameths’ character. He is cowardly at the start of the book which is both equally frustrating, annoying and yet I can relate which annoys me even more. I can relate why he feels the burden of being the Abhorsen-in-waiting I mean that is a huge responsibility he has to wield and if he makes a mistake it’s a life and death situation especially after the whole scare with the necromancer that makes it even worse I mean dude anybody that went through that would have PTSD. Okay it isn’t just Prince Sameth its also his sister which annoyed me like I feel she is just annoying trying to butt into Sam’s life thinking she is all so smart and whatnot and he cant figure out his life without her help… YEESHH much.
  • Other than some characters that annoyed me I enjoyed this book it gave the story a good ending where it was a bittersweet ending; Lirael lost her hand and the Disreputable Dog who sacrificed herself to banish Orannis but hey at least Nick was saved so that’s good.

Overall for the Old Kingdom series it is a very good read if you want to read a story which has wide range of characters and people that live in two vastly different worlds where in one world the people wield magic and the other is pretty much like our world and how different the people in both worlds live in.

I think that pretty much sums up my March book-wrap up, I am not too sure what else to do after this so ill just end it here.

So be ready for blog post spams from me because after this post is my March book haul, April TBR and wrap up post 😀

*gimme high five for blog spams and last minute blogging!!!*

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